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PWHC is not an acute care service, if you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact 000. 

PWHC has a Nurse Practitioner and Registered Nurses who are highly experienced in reproductive and sexual health including contraception, pregnancy options counselling, sexual health education and screening, cervical screening and breast health information.

To book an appointment contact PWHC Reception:

Penrith 婦女健康中心提供全面的、創傷知情的和以客戶為中心的通才諮詢和危機/創傷諮詢支持服務,以增強女性的心理健康和情緒健康。


在 COVID-19 大流行期間,我們通過電話和視頻提供諮詢。我們計劃在每個人都安全的情況下盡快恢復面對面的服務。


Penrith 婦女健康中心以創傷知情諮詢會議和治療小組的形式提供方便且負擔得起的心理健康支持。


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Kirsty Fleming

Kirsty is a registered nurse and nurse practitioner, she has over 20 years’ experience in nursing and  holds a Masters in Women's Health Medicine from UNSW and a Masters in Nursing Nurse Practitioner from USyd. Her specialty is women’s health, reproductive & sexual health.


Kirsty is highly experienced in women's health & contraception. She provides intrauterine device (IUD) and contraceptive implant insertion and removal procedures. Kirsty's areas of interest are Women's Health (including Cervical Screening, STI screening & treatment, Pregnancy tests, Pregnancy options counselling, contraceptive counselling, breast checks, menopause discussions, general women’s health issues).


Debra Sibley

Debra is a Registered Nurse and Midwife, she has practiced for the last 40 years', thirteen of those at Family Planning Australia, NSW's leading provider of reproductive and sexual health services.

Debra has a special interest in all areas of sexual & reproductive health, bringing a wealth of knowledge with her the Penrith Women's Health Centre. Debra is thrilled to be offered the opportunity to continue her work here with us and supporting our clients.


Jen Harrison 

Jen is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience in nursing with a specialty in women’s health and reproductive & sexual health. Jen is highly experienced in women's health and has been working in this area for the past 12 years and holds a Bachelor of Nursing, as well as a Certificate in Reproductive and Sexual Health. Currently under-going a Master of Women's Health Medicine at UNSW, Jen is committed to this sector.


With a love of teaching and sharing her experience, Jen also teaches Undergraduate Nursing at Western Sydney University Online. When not nursing, Jen loves spending time with her family, walking, doing yoga, and meditation. 

Sexual health can be a sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable topic. PWHC is here to demystify and support you which is why we provide a welcoming and supportive environment where you can feel comfortable discussing your concerns. Our experienced Nurses offer a range of sexual health checks, including testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs), HIV testing, and pelvic exams. Contact us today to schedule a sexual health check appointment.

Sexual Health

PWHC understands the importance of cancer screening in maintaining overall health and wellbeing aim to help you feel informed and empowered in your healthcare decisions. We offer a range of comprehensive cancer screening services and access to specialist referrals with our experienced Nurses. Available screening services include; breast exams, Cervical Screening Test (formally known as Pap Smears), HPV testing, mammograms, and colonoscopies.

Cancer Screening

All our Nurses are very experienced and have been working in women's health for many years. We provide contraceptive counselling, prescriptions and procedures, including IUD (Mirena & copper IUD) and contraceptive implant services.  You can discuss contraceptive options with our Nurses who can assist you to make a decision on what is best for you and provide you with a prescription if needed.


PWHC Nurses can provide you with support in pregnancy decision making. Early pregnancy can be an overwhelming time our nurses can give you evidence based information on self-care during pregnancy and healthy pregnancy recommendations. Our goal is to provide compassionate care and support that is tailored to clients' individual needs.



PWHC Nurses provide non directional pregnancy options counselling, this counselling provides information on all of the options available to people who are pregnant including surgical and medical abortion information, continuing a pregnancy and either parenting or fostering. Our Nurses can provide you with the information you need to navigate the decision making process and support you to receive the care that you need. Our Nurse Practitioner can provide appropriate referrals for your chosen option.

cancer screening

Crisis Support Lines


In need of emergency support dial 000


24/7, confidential, free trauma counselling for anyone impacted by sexual, domestic and family violence
1800 385 578

NSW Sexual Violence Line

24/7, confidential support
1800 424 017

Women's Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line

(02) 8745 6999
or Free Call:
1800 810 784


Women’s Health Centres are in danger of having to close their doors or significantly reduce services due to decades of under investment by the New South Wales Government.

We need your help to survive. NSW politicians must show their commitment to gender equality by committing to adequately funding Women’s Health Centres across the state.

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