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該計劃支持彭里斯地區 18 歲以上的女性和性別多樣化的人,他們需要心理健康支持。 

• NSW Police - Local Area Commands, • Attorney General’s Department - Local Courts • Legal Aid NSW - Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services • NGO agencies such as Aboriginal Medical Services • NSW Health - Area Health Services • Housing NSW – local Housing NSW office • Community Services - Community Service Centres

該計劃支持 18 歲以上與暴力伴侶或家庭成員分離並選擇留在自己家中的婦女。這也包括在分居後遭受持續虐待的女性。這些婦女的孩子也得到該計劃的支持。該計劃針對選擇留在家中或自己選擇的其他家中的婦女。

The programs supports women aged over 18 years who have separated from a violent partner or family member and choose to remain in their own home. This also includes women who experience ongoing abuse after separation. Children of these women are also supported by the program. The program targets women who choose to remain in the family home or another home of their choice.

SHLV safety planning and case management strategies support a process of enabling clients to remain separated from a violent partner by addressing common barriers to leaving violent relationships such as:

For more information or to speak with our Domestic and Family Violence Caseworkers, please contact PWHC Reception.

Crisis Support Lines


In need of emergency support dial 000

Women's Domestic Violence Legal Advice Line

(02) 8745 6999
or Free Call: 1800 810 784

Full Stop Australia: 24/7 Sexual, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Line

1800 385 578

Rape Crisis Centre

(02) 9819 6565
or Free Call: 1800 424 017

Family and Community Services 24 Hour Domestic Violence Line

1800 656 463


Women’s Health Centres are in danger of having to close their doors or significantly reduce services due to decades of under investment by the New South Wales Government.

We need your help to survive. NSW politicians must show their commitment to gender equality by committing to adequately funding Women’s Health Centres across the state.

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